Don’t take my word for it- Here’s what people are saying.


by Awaken the Dancers, Private Clients and Workshop Participants



“Hannah inspires me to dance and show gratitude for my body everyday. Her love and realness permeates her class and I feel so much more committed to my health when I remember what she teaches me. I love how she reminds to greet our bodies each day. Good morning body! I love you. Every day I dance with her and my fellow classmates I am stronger and more alive.”
Amelia Kauffman, Nutritionist

Pam“Hannah’s Awaken the Dance class feeds my soul. This week, her gentle guidance and incredible music hit just the right spot and had me spilling my heart out on the dance floor and feeling a mind/body connection that is impossible to describe. Hannah, you are a gift to this world, and I wish there was a class like yours in every town, on every block.”
Pam Mayer, dancer


“Hannah facilitates a supportive and enlivening movement class that allows for deep intimacy with Self. She maintains a fierce authenticity of presence while holding a strong and nurturing container for the group. I have experienced a powerful and tender process of unfolding through Awaken the Dance.”
Cynthia St. Clair, Somatic Psychotherapist 


“Hannah’s Awaken the Dance is the only spot in town where you can dance without needing to pretend, posture or perform. She invites utter authenticity and presence. I’m discovering myself and how my body wants to move for the first time in my life! So grateful to Hannah for this opportunity. Crazy good music, too.”
Catherine H., Art Psychotherapist


“After dancing on and off for 20 years, I was delighted to come across dance classes with Hannah. Her choreography is simple, yet expressive and innovative. Classes are so much fun and work wonders in releasing tension and pent-up emotions After each class I feel more integrated, free and powerful! It’s now the highlight of of my week, and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to grow through
dancing with Hannah.”

Karna Nau, Live Now Tribe


“Hannah commented recently about how much I’ve grown in my dance. It’s because of teachers like her that someone like me can be gentle with myself yet strong enough to keep on pushing through my boundaries to a place of delicious joy that keeps on getting better. Thank you, Hannah, for your sweet, sexy, inspiring leadership through dance and authentic movement. Encouraging us to open our colorful petals, no matter who us watching, is a gift.”
Lynn VanDemark


 “What I truly love about Hannah is her ability to create and hold a container that allows me to fully open and feel safe in her presence. I feel that she can handle all of me. I don’t feel like I need to hold back because I am too much or too heavy. She’s got me! I fully trust her.. Her dance therapy has been monumental in my life. She gave me permission to dance however I want to. There is no such thing as too sexy, too awkward, too staccato, too hard-hitting, too wild, too beautiful, too big, too small. It’s all okay. I can now dance and get so into my body that I lose my mind. It is an incredibly invigorating, healing, and freeing experience. Being able to dance this authentically is directly correlated to how I show up more authentically in my relationships. I am so grateful for her wise, intuitive and brilliant guidance!”

Kat Bartell, photographer, dancer, performer

Chris cropped“Your approach to movement has helped me take my dance to a completely different realm that words cannot adequately describe.  Whole, accepted, loved, rooted, free.  Fully human.  Fully woman.  Cleansing.  Integrating.  Humble.  Thankful.  And so so so so grateful.”
Chris Barnett, Mom and Pediatrician


“In Hannah’s presence I awaken through her simple and subtle guidance to the transformation of the new truth of my relationship to my physical, mental emotional being-ness. I become aware of the deeper messages of my soul held in my cells moving with the vibration of the music and weaving into and out of the wonderful community of women who come to know themselves deeply through dance. I leave each class feeling a deeper knowing and perceiving of all the parts as well as the whole of my being, ultimately realizing and dissolving into self acceptance. I have such gratitude and joy for the safe haven of the dance studio that opens the door to allow me to cross the threshold into this awareness.”
Jill Siegel-Stone, Massage Therapist

Nancy“I love this class! Having the space to express myself  freely- through dance- guided by Hannah, is liberating and blissful! I love the community we’re creating, where all of us can move in our own way, knowing that it’s safe and non-judgmental. And I especially love the container Hannah holds- allowing us to be ourselves and discover and grow in a beautiful way!”
Nancy Linsley, Feldenkrais practitioner

“Hannah is a true gem and perhaps Boulder’s best kept secret in the realm of dance therapy. She radiates joy, holds a space of authentic compassion with a deep acceptance that can only exist in one who lives it. Make no mistake, she is also an incredibly skilled teacher! She is a absolute blessing to this community. I am deeply honored to know her and am full of gratitude for her presence.”
Jonah Jensen, Earth & Sky Integrative Health

“Hannah’s classes are exquisite. She holds a nurturing and safe container which allows whatever needs some loving attention in me to come forth move and be felt….it has become a sacred part of my self care and cannot recommend it enough! Simply delicious!”
Karina Tibble, psychotherapist

“Hannah’s Awaken the Dance class is healing and energizing. Her way of leading helps me to feel spacious and un-judged in whatever comes up in the dance. I feel well taken care of and invited to move in to my dance and day with happiness and energy!”
Tori S.R., dancer, climbing instructor

“Hannah blends the sweetness of a child with the wisdom of an elder and creates a beautiful atmosphere that brings out the inner-dancer in all of us.  Awaken the Dance is a great way to start your day, week or the rest of your new life.”
Greg W., father

“I can not rave enough about the deep pleasure, grounding, and inspiration I get after class. In my opinion the timing is perfect because I begin my week with courage and creativity influenced by the body scan, inspirational quote, and dance gift we get. The flow in and out of group and individual choreography binds us in community while allowing our needs to express ourselves be fulfilled. I absolutely love this class and got a friend to join me who raved the same.”
Jesi V., mother and saver of the world

“Hannah’s classes are the cat’s meow. She warms you up mindfully and then takes you on a free form, and at times choreographed journey of wonder and joyful movement!”
Mary-L. Bevington, contemplative dance lineage holder, yoga instructor

“Today was AMAZING!!!!! I observed such a connection in our Dance Community! I loved it!
I am not observing my body moving, I am just moving. It is so powerful. Hannah, your class is the high point of my week! I am so grateful for your gifts and love.”

Kit V.W., grandmother, musician

“Hannah has an abundance of energy and love that radiates out of her and draws you into her world of movement and fun. I love dancing and laughing with her in class. From the first moment I entered her class to today, nearly a year later, I feel welcome. She really creates a spirit of community and a safe space to express yourself freely and dance however you need to on any given day.”
Arielle N., filmmaker, acting instructor

“Hannah is doing such good work for us! Her soul sweat classes are both … soul and sweat … two good reasons to join in, explore, and merge your spirit and body in ways they were meant to be. And yes, you sweat — it’s a workout! If you seek flow experiences and peak experiences, this is it! In flow, “people typically feel strong, alert, in effortless control, unselfconscious, and at the peak of their abilities. Both a sense of time and emotional problems seem to disappear, and there is an exhilarating feeling of transcendence.” Hannah brings her own fun spirit and sweet energy to each class, lifting the whole group to higher levels of being. Thank you, Hannah!”
Skip G., pilot

“Hannah is a gift. Not only is she an amazing dancer, but her bright spirit and wise intention enable her to provide a wonderful, safe space for women (and the men who’ve come to class) to express, release and revive during her classes. In my opinion her classes offer an emotionally therapeutic benefit as well as a fun and holistic physical outlet. I was looking for a cardio class that didn’t feel like I was “working out,” and boy, did I find it! Every week I look forward to going to Hannah’s dance party. (She plays the best music!) On the rare mornings I have to drag myself there when I’m feeling sluggish–I’m oh so glad I did because it totally transforms my body and mind, bringing me back to center. Thank you, Hannah!”
Robin Schiesser, accupuncturist

“First, I just like Hannah — she’s a free spirit and dances like one.
Besides that:
1. Good workout, I always break a sweat
2. Great music, I’m always asking about songs
3. Great dance moves, and I like to dance
4. Great company — other people in the class are also having fun and that’s why the class isusually pretty full!”

Katherine M.

“Hannah, you and soul sweat light up my life.”
Alexis O., psychotherapist


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