A Light in the Dark

feet on the grass w: mandala pattern
When we look at the state of our nation and the world, the horrifyingly bad news seems to far outweigh the good. I don’t have to tell you what’s going on- you know. And I know your heart is breaking with mine.

I sit with this feeling of guilt and helplessness too often- the how can I help feeling? The why aren’t I on the frontline of activism, as I was in my twenties? And what am I going to do about it? I’m taking small steps like attending diversity trainings, interfaith gatherings and I’m headed to a SURJ meeting this Saturday, (if you’re local to Boulder, join me!) 

And I’m kindling my light. And when we dance together we kindle each others. The more we can open our hearts to our selves and each other, in a grounded, embodied way, the more of a force for change and love we will be! We end each and every class by spreading the work/sweat/joy/dance as far and wide as we can.

This Monday in Awaken The Dance we danced the privilege we have. We celebrated feeling safe, having basic our needs met, and the abundance of our lives. We expanded it through our whole body-being, we expanded our cells with it- SO we can get out there and do something for those not so fortunate. Because when we are depleted, as so many of us are, we have very little to give.
We asked the sky for rain for the wildfires raging, and we lay our bodies on the ground and prayed that the love in our body-beings would bless the earth that she may heal from all its crimes of violation, injustice and horror.

It’s not enough to go out into the world and give from an empty bucket. And it’s not enough to dance in a studio and simply fill our own bucket. I believe in a holy combination of the two! So fill your bucket in the way that serves you the best- and then get out there and spread your righteous love.

Dance Invitation: Fill your bucket however you fill- hike, pray, meditate, move, and then see how far you can spread your light- to those around you, to the homeless friends you meet in the park, ultimately- to all beings everywhere!


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