Moving the way we’re supposed to.

Lately I’ve been bouncing a lot. I’ve been enjoying the feel of my flesh as it hangs off the bones, moves on its own, sways my body and complies with gravity. Why am I doing this? One reason. It feels freaking GOOD. It wasn’t until I spent a fair amount of time bouncing that my system really started to release. My flesh began to ripple and fall in ways I had not been allowing it to. And truly- it’s really about my butt and my belly and my thighs- moving in their own time, moving without the subtle constriction I’ve been subjecting them to. It’s the unconscious tension, sucking in, tucking under, holding back from the world that is beginning to shake loose. It’s the freedom to take up space and move in ways that go beyond attractive and not attractive into pure delicious sensation.

So try it. Bounce. Gently. And see where the holding lets go and the jiggle makes you wiggle. Why? It feels freaking GOOD.


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