Don’t Believe the HYPE!
















So here’s the deal- I’m not dead yet! (Said in a Monty Pythonesque British accent)

You know that scene in The Little Mermaid when the seagull puts his ear to the mermaid’s foot and says “Oh, I can’t find a pulse.” Well that’s what all my acupuncturists and doctors say to me as I lie there, vulnerable on the table. Depleted, exhausted, worn out, empty…are some of the words used to describe my body.

But I’ll tell you what, I’ve got more life-force running through my pinky toe than I can handle. I feel great most of the time, I feel vibrant, passionate about my life and the people in it, and I feel ALIVE! And grateful for it.

My point here is not that I shouldn’t be healing, supporting, resting and nurturing myself. I am actively engaged in all of the above. Naps have been a life-saver this summer, along with mindfulness through the day, good food and herbs, etc… But these negative messages do not support my process. They shut me down, depress me, and put me in a state of fear. How is this helpful? How is this supportive? How is this nurturing?

So next time anyone in your life comments on how “not well” you’re doing- DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! And next time you’re inspired to comment on how bad someone seems, think about whether that is a supportive remark or not. How can we help each other’s journeys in an encouraging way? In a kind way? Let’s find out….


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