Spring fear and sadness

In this season of bursting, creating, blooming and coming to life- there can also be deep fear and deeper sadness. What if what I want to create is impossible? What if no-one wants what I have to give? What if I’m never successful? What if I am not enough?

These are some of the thoughts that run through my mind as I weave my next adventures into becoming. It’s scary to put myself out there! It’s scary to break out of security and reach into the unknown. It’s hard work and it’s exhausting. And! What I’m learning is that though my mind can’t sit comfortably with these heart wrenching doubts and fears, my body can.

My body can feel the sensations and move with them. My body can dance with the emotions and longings and pangs of tender heart- and it’s a beautiful thing. So  my spring invitation is to let whatever’s arising- arise. And let it percolate and brew- but not in the head. In the body. In the solar plexus, stomach, pelvis, arms- wherever it’s felt the strongest. Use your favorite song, use silence, use the moonlight. Whatever inspires and holds you. And move move move.That’s the way in, that’s the way through.


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