Carob Candy bar- so damn good it’s stupid.


So this little boy is going wild for our latest creation! Inspired by Julia of Julia’s Kitchen:,

Luca and I made this amazing candy bar. There are no measurements, just a lot of licking your finger to see how it tastes.


In a small saucepan, melt a lot of coconut oil, and mix in powdered carob (available at most healthy-ish grocery stores.)
Add in any other flavors you like such as cinnamon, cayenne, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, spices, etc….
When it’s the consistency of sauce, pout it into something that won’t crack- i.e.- not glass- and place in your freezer until frozen.
Then it can be kept in your fridge and nibbled on obsessively.  

I imagine that same treat could be made with cocoa or cacao powder if you add a little sweetener.  Carob is naturally sweet, so none needed. But try stevia for super low-sugar or coconut sugar or maple syrup for a little more….

Enjoy licking this off your fingers!


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