Most often heard phrases after Awaken the Dance and private sessions:
This is like milk and honey in my body.
This is the safest space I’ve ever been in.
This is a must for me, I can’t imagine my week without it!
My body has permission here, to just move and be exactly as it is, exactly what it wants.
Sitting in community here has become so important in my life. I don’t know of anywhere else like it!

Wake up, move, laugh, shake it out, shake it in, get in your freaking body!

We all have bodies. We have a myriad of relationships with this flesh, bones, spirit, heart, mind creature we call a self. But the relationship we have with ourself is the longest term relationship we’ll ever be in! So for goodness sakes let’s love this ride called life.

The movement I share is the marriage of my many loves: dance, community, laughter, release, ritual, music and meditative body awareness. Quite simply: diving into the joy of being, experiencing and expressing who we are.

On this site you’ll find my dance offerings, the fruits of my dedicated music scavenging, inspirational quotes and musings, delicious gluten-free/sugar-free muffin recipes, and other tasty tidbits in the realm of awakening YOUR dance.

So pop on, sign-up, share with the people you love, and enjoy!



Your weekly guide to getting juicy. Stellar playlists, notes from my journey of coming home into this body, discoveries, a-has, heartbreaks and so much more from my dancers and myself, wisdom just freaking flies out of their mouths after dance class!


Awaken the Dance

Mondays, 9-10:15 AM
Alchemy of Movement
Women and anyone identifying as a woman 

Tuesdays, 5:45-7PM, Labor day through Memorial Day
Wild Sage Common House
1650 Zamia Ave., N. Boulder
All genders welcome

Thursdays, 9-10:15AM
Joy in Motion
4800 Baseline Road
Suite D206
Boulder, Colorado
The studio is located on the second level above the GreenRide office.
All genders welcome


Autumn Body Alive! | Saturdays, 11-2pm
September 9-30
5378 Sterling Drive, Studio 6, Boulder, Colorado 80301
with Catherine Houston LPC

A six week women’s circle to explore, connect with, and revitalize your relationship with yourself.
Art + Movement + Community = Sourcing your Greatest self!
We are now on our 9th round, each group is better than the next. We fill up fast! For more info, and to signup, contact me.

Find my writing and a myriad of wonderful resources in support of the journey of being a woman at The Woman’s Network. 

**All photos of dancers by Johannah Reimer

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